16 October – 10 November 2018

Old 505 Theatre presents


$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

Bringing together some of Sydney’s fiercest young female theatre makers exploring new works, new ideas and how they view the world today. This inaugural edition of FreshWorksFEMME presents three week-long productions and a week of play readings, talks and forums.

16–20 October 2018

Before Lysistrata

Story by
Ellana Costa & Michaela Savina
Written by
Ellana Costa
Produced by
Alex Francis

Tuesday - Saturday 8pm

Aristophane’s Lysistrata paints a picture of women at the end of their tether. With Athens and Sparta in a seemingly endless war, the women of both states take from their husbands the one thing neither of them want to live without. Sex.

Before Lysistrata explores the role of women in politics and the place of feminism in the world. It offers two types of women, both devoted to their causes, and each stronger than the armies of Sparta and Athens combined. Each fights to cement their place in global politics while staying true to their values. Exploring gender in politics, the role and nature of democracy and the heart, beauty and tragedy of both the Right and the Left, Before Lysistrata examines the humanity and failings of each side in the hope we can come together for the greater good.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

23–27 October 2018

The Adelphi Experiment present


Tuesday - Saturday 8pm

The Adelphi Experiment is an all-female contemporary performance collective celebrating sisterhood throughout all ages and stages of life. Exploring the rich cultural heritage of our diverse communities, we use performance to amplify the voices and stories of girls' and women’s lives.

“Being busy all the time has become a badge of honour – albeit a heavy, awkward, uncomfortable badge that doesn't go with any of your outfits.” – Alison Hill, The Huffington Post

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

30 October – 3 November 2018

Whose Uterus Is It Anyway?

Georgina Adamson
Directed by
Eve Beck
Produced by
Madelaine Osborn

Tuesday - Saturday 8pm

“What happens when an IUD, HRT and STI walk into a bar?”

Have you ever wanted to take a peek at the privatest privates of complete strangers? Have a squiz at their naughty bits? A geez at their ganders? Well now you can! Four people have made appointments here at the reproductive health clinic and will now compete to receive their treatments. Our contestants are Mary the nun, Michelle the wine-mum, Lila the millennial and our dark horse Tom. What prizes will they receive? Maybe an IUD? An STI? An abortion? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Whose Uterus is it Anyway is the waiting room gameshow where contestants must compete to receive their treatment. It’s a game of reproductive health and the ‘contestants’ will be fighting it out to receive an IUD, Hormone Replacement Therapy, an STI test and an abortion- all in front of a live studio audience! Our Host will guide the contestants through a series of trials and tribulations, making sure to keep things interesting. In between challenges, the personal lives of the contestants will be put on display- but don’t worry, it’s all information they gave the doctor.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30