5 February – 17 March 2018

Old 505 Theatre presents


$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

Our short, sharp season of experimental and new works returns for the fifth year. FreshWorks provides experienced artists an opportunity to test out new ideas and young artists an opportunity to work with 505. This year we will present six one week seasons plus the new FreshWorksFEMME a season of feminist work, talks and readings by young theatre makers.

6–11 February 2018

Jack Data

Written and directed by
Ruth Bell
Mathias Olofsson
Amelia Tranter
Christine Greenough
Richard Cotter
Julian Ramundi
Elly Hiranni Clapin

A one act comedy set in the not to distance future. On Alice's 31st birthday her worried parents present her with Jack Data. Jack is the 'perfect man' robot, with reproductive options.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

13–17 February 2018

Love Me

Written by
Joseph Brown

Love, Me is the story of a group of friends in their early 20’s who are attempting to have their first Christmas away from their families. Disillusioned and finally out of the comforting confines of tertiary education, they’re ready to take on the world, just like their parents did when they were young. But it’s a different world now, one that they’re not ready for, and that’s not ready for them. Over the course of a blazingly hot Australian Christmas, the group attempt to start their adult lives and create traditions of their own, but the walls of secrecy surrounding them are starting to tumble down into a sea of bargain bin shiraz and cold turkey gravy.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

20–24 February 2018

Beast. Belly. Beast.

Peter Maple
Directed by
Kim Hardwick
Designed by
Martin Kinnane
In association with
White Box Theatre

Two Men. Two Friends. Two Soldiers. Two Lost Souls –
In, and Out of the Belly of the Beast.

Inside the minds of two men suffering from PTSD, the play itself distorts Time, Place, Events, Structure, Perception.

All this in a fast-paced, dramatic, darkly humorous, fractured barrage of entertaining scenes that are [broken] windows in which to glimpse the heart, mind, soul, fears, destruction, pain, wants, desire, hopes, forgiveness, innocence, guilt, greed, and shame – and a game of darts...

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

27 February – 3 March 2018


Jordan Shea
Direction by
Shae Riches
Design by
Madolyn McCarthy
Dramaturgy by

Cuong, Bryce and Ryan turn up in Thailand for three very different reasons. They meet in a sordid little place in the city, where they disrespect the country beyond recognition. As the three negotiate their way through a firestorm beyond their wildest imaginations, a rite of passage joy ride turns into a nightmare.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

6–10 March 2018


Laura Turner & Kate Walder

Eve is looking for something, something she lost. Or was it something she never had? As she navigates a series of sleepless nights, Eve tumbles into a looping world of memory, imagination and illusion.

A story about the mind and dreaming, of loss and letting go and the guidance offered by the great satellites of the sky.

Combining puppetry, animation and clowning, Satellite is a collaborative devised work by Laura Turner and Kate Walder.

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30

13–17 March 2018

Rudy & Cuthbert

Directed by
Ellen Cressey
Artistic Consultant
Neill Gladwin
Toby Blome as Rudy
Zelman Cressey-Gladwin as Cuthbert

After meeting on Skype in the ‘Steve Martin Teaches Comedy’ Masterclass, Rudy & Cuthbert decided to throw away their $120 Lifetime Access subscription and combine forces to form the dynamic duo… Rudy & Cuthbert. Having modelled themselves on the greats, they have crafted a partnership to interrogate modern life.

Hot off a string of sold out runs on the West End, Broadway, and Anzac Parade Rudy & Cuthbert are eager to bring their unique style of comedy to The Old 505.

Made redundant by the Sydney lock out laws, witness two brothers - not of blood - but of art, try to make a life for themselves in the Sydney housing market. Watch as they negotiate Ikea furniture, mentos packets, and their own crippling shyness.

Rudy & Cuthbert are a new pair of clowns whose portrayal of a mundane move into the adult world is a rallying cry for warmth and forgiveness in a time racked with mistrust and the internet

$30 Adults / $20 Concession, Industry & Under 30