17–27 January 2018

Wheels & Co Productions present


$30 Adults / $25 Concession, Industry & Under 30

Xavier Coy
Two short plays directed by
Johann Walraven

Tuesday - Saturday 8pm

How do we break away from who we were, into who we wish we could be?

The Sandpiper

Amelia Campbell as Hannah
Tara Clark as Amy

When the meticulously organized Amy has her morning ritual thrown off kilter it’s clear this isn’t going to be a normal day. Amy, a psychologist, is visited by Hannah who is in town after the death of her brother and as a result her emotionally traumatic past has resurfaced. As their consultation evolves it’s clear that there is something very pressing that Hannah has come in to discuss. The Sandpiper is a look into repression and facing the demons of the past.

Smokin' Joe

Xavier Coy as Dylan
Nicholas Denton as Finn

Finn is arriving late to his first day on the job, landscaping with former footballer, Dylan. After getting off to a bad start, Dylan and Finn find common ground and an unlikely friendship begins to form. Their working day is disrupted by rain so all that’s left to do is drink. Smokin’ Joe explores themes of sexuality, male companionship and the fear of the unknown against a heavily machismo backdrop. Can we divorce ourselves entirely from a history of what we know ourselves to be?

$30 Adults / $25 Concession, Industry & Under 30